Fun little story:

Keep in mind that I’ve never officially been on a date.

So today I was going through some boxes in my bedroom trying to get rid of stuff and I came across these letters from 4th grade from classmates. They were fun to read, you know, cute and 4th-gradey. And then I came across one from Jesse and it was just very sweet and everything. And then in the middle of the letter he says “If I or you don’t have anything to do at the sockhop, I’ll take you because I don’t like it when you cry it makes me cry” This kid, in fact, took me to the sockhop and wore a tie and everything. We have pictures and we fake kissed and everything.

So I guess I have actually been on a date. ;)

  1. indigo-river said: My mom was my date to the sockhop. :P ;)
  2. poseidons-tomb said: :O i went to the sockhop with a date in fourth grade too! and he has the picture of us on his nightstand! ….ha sorry for my outburst
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